Oral Surgery in Inman & Spartanburg, SC

Some dental practices have to refer patients to an oral surgeon at a different location when they need a more advanced restorative treatment, but our experienced dental team can perform oral surgery procedures in-house. From root canals to bone graft surgery, Meadow Creek Family Dentistry has you and your family covered! For more information about our oral maxillofacial surgery services, please get in touch with our front office team.

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Root Canal Therapy

When the pulp inside a tooth becomes infected, a root canal must be performed to treat the infection and restore the tooth. This involves creating a small hole at the top of the tooth to access the pulp inside of it. Root canals have a reputation for being very painful and anxiety-inducing treatments, but they are not all that different from having a cavity filled from the patients’ perspective.

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Dental Extractions

If a tooth has received extensive damage, the best restorative option may involve removing the tooth and replacing it with a dental restoration. Dental extractions can also become necessary if a tooth is coming in incorrectly and crowding or damaging the teeth near it. Impacted teeth can also be more susceptible to tooth decay and infection, which means they sometimes need to be removed as well.

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Dental Implants

Implants are titanium posts that are surgically implanted into the gums. Once the area heals, a natural-looking artificial tooth is attached to the top. Meadow Creek Family Dentistry also offers implant-supported dentures, which combine the dentures’ ability to easily replace many missing teeth at once with the implant’s stability and sturdiness. While there are other less invasive tooth replacement options, many patients find that dental implant surgery is an excellent investment.

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Bone Graft Surgery

Bone grafting procedures involve transplanting bone to repair jawbones that have been damaged. Bone graft procedures are performed when a patient has suffered from severe periodontitis, or they have one or more missing teeth, which caused their jawbone to weaken. This procedure needs to be done if a patient would like dental implants placed but their jawbone needs extra support before that can happen.

What can I expect during my oral surgery recovery?

It varies depending on what kind of procedure is performed, and our team will provide you with detailed instructions for your recovery process before your treatment. We recommend that patients try to get as much rest as they can, especially for the remainder of the day after their procedure, and try not to disturb the affected areas as much as possible. A diet of soft foods and liquids that are not too hot or cold is usually recommended. If you have any questions or concerns, our team will be more than happy to assist you.

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