Dental Cleanings & Exams in Spartanburg and Inman, SC

Routine cleanings and exams are some of the best preventive measures you can make use of to keep up your oral health. On their own, plaque and tartar will gradually build up over time, even with a consistent home routine. Coming in for a professional cleaning at a dental office near you allows us to provide a deeper clean that can break down plaque. We can also use the opportunity to check for any potential dental issues that may be forming. If you’re ready to schedule a dental checkup, Meadow Creek Family Dentistry would be happy to help! Reach out to our team today.

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How Often Should You Get A Dental Exam and Cleaning?

It’s best to make sure to schedule at least two dental cleanings each year. Even if you have a great and regular routine at home, visiting every six months will go a long way towards ensuring your oral health stays strong. If you struggle with gum disease or periodontal issues, it can be worth scheduling three or even four routine appointments. The team at Meadow Creek Family Dentistry will be able to recommend the ideal number of yearly exams for you, based on our examination.

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Are Exams and Cleanings Important?

Every year, millions of adults skip their regular appointments. This is always risky, as it can allow dental issues to go undiagnosed for a long period of time. If an issue is caught early, treatment is often much simpler, less stressful for the patient, and more affordable. Tooth decay caught early can be resolved with a filling. If decay progresses, however, it can require more expensive procedures like root canals or even tooth extractions. During a comprehensive dental exam, we can even screen for oral cancer. It’s always worth keeping up with appointments!

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Are Dental Exams Affordable?

While exams and cleanings are much more affordable than complex restorative or cosmetic procedures, many patients are still concerned about the potential costs. Dental exams are covered by most dental insurance providers, and we work with in-network and out-of-network providers to make sure you can minimize your personal costs. Our in-house annual membership even includes your two routine cleanings a year. Visit our financial page to learn more!

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