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What is the difference between getting a filling and getting a root canal?

Tooth fillings and root canals are both necessary dental procedures we perform to keep your smile healthy. While both restore your oral health, the purpose of each is very different.

Fillings Treat Tooth Decay

When you get a cavity, we need to remove the decay and fill the tooth to prevent the decay from spreading. Dr. Hunt fills cavities using aesthetic tooth-colored material so that the repair blends seamlessly with the rest of the tooth. We typically fill cavities under a local anesthetic so you won’t feel any pain. If we can treat the tooth soon enough, that’s all we need to do.

Root Canals Save Teeth

If we don’t remove decay and fill the cavity soon enough, it will spread deeper into your tooth until it infects the dental pulp. This is the material deep inside the tooth that carries the blood vessels and nerves that keep it alive. That is why root canal infections can be excruciatingly painful.

At this point, a filling won’t be enough to save the tooth, and Dr. Hung would perform a root canal at our Inman, SC dental office. He needs to perform the procedure to remove the infected pulp and provide relief. Without treatment, we would eventually need to remove the tooth.

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Root canals are not the awful procedure everyone makes them out to be. A lot has improved in dentistry, including the techniques and technology that make the process faster and more comfortable than ever.

If you would like to learn more about root canals in Inman, SC and how they can save your smile, please call our office at (864) 472-9019, and we will be happy to arrange an appointment.

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