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Why is it important to have a root canal?

At Meadow Creek Family Dentistry, we know that having root canal treatment is not something anyone wants to experience. But this treatment is critical because it is a last-resort attempt to save your tooth. It means that everything has been done to prevent loss of the tooth, and the only way to preserve it is with root canal treatment.

The root canal is located deep inside your tooth. It contains pulp, tissue, and nerves that keep your tooth alive. It is usually protected from damage by tooth enamel and dentin.

But if your tooth starts to decay and we don't treat it, it will continue to eat away at the tooth until it reaches the root canal. Once decay has penetrated this part of your tooth, you must have root canal therapy, or you will lose the tooth.

Anyone who has experienced the pain associated with an infected root canal knows it can be excruciating. The only way to eliminate the pain is with root canal treatment. Even if you can withstand the discomfort, the infection will continue to spread, and you will eventually lose the tooth.

Having a root canal in Inman, SC as soon as possible is the only sensible choice. If you’ve put off treatment because you’re worried that it will be uncomfortable, please contact our office. We will be happy to tell you about our stress-free root canal that allows you to quickly get the treatment you need to save your tooth and relieve your pain.

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