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Why do I need to have a tooth extracted?

As dental professionals whose job it is to protect the health of all your teeth, you can imagine that removing a tooth is not something we take lightly! If we recommend extraction, it’s because there are no other alternatives available to save the tooth.

Some cases where we might recommend extraction are:

  • A tooth is severely decayed, and we cannot restore it with a crown or filling
  • A tooth is fractured below the gum line and needs to be removed
  • Teeth are overcrowded, and extraction is necessary for orthodontic treatment
  • We’re preparing for placement of partial or full dentures
  • Wisdom teeth are causing crowding and should be removed to protect surrounding teeth

If you require tooth extraction in Inman, SC, you can be confident that Dr. Levi Hunt and the team at Meadow Creek Family Dentistry will do everything possible to make it a pleasant, stress-free experience. Most people would like some help to relax during their procedure, and we’re pleased to offer calming sedation with nitrous oxide. When we administer nitrous, you won’t go to sleep, but you will feel mildly euphoric, and the activity around you will seem far away. You will still be able to communicate with your team, and nitrous oxide wears off quickly after your procedure.

If you have other questions about extraction, please call our Inman, SC dental office to arrange a consultation with Dr. Hunt. 

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