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How do you treat periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection that attacks the structures that support your teeth including your gums and jawbone. The earlier we catch and treat periodontal (gum) disease, the better it is for your oral health. Without treatment, the infection will continue to spread until it compromises these structures and causes tooth loss.

In its earliest stage, gum disease is called gingivitis, and we treat it with a thorough dental cleaning to remove all the plaque and tartar that collects on your teeth and below the gum line. During your cleaning, our hygienist will look for problem areas and provide tips for improving your brushing and flossing routine.

If we don’t treat gingivitis, it will advance to periodontitis. The non-surgical approach is a deep cleaning procedure we call scaling and root planing (SRP). The goal is to clean the infected pockets around your teeth and provide a smooth surface on your tooth roots so the gums can reattach as they heal. Your hygienist may prescribe oral or topical antibiotics to protect you against further infection. If we can't treat periodontitis with SRP, we may recommend gum surgery.

Are your gums red and inflamed or easily bleed when you brush? You may need gum disease treatment at our Inman, SC dental office, and we’re here to help. Please call us to arrange an appointment so we can get started.

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