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My old dentures don't seem to fit any more. Can you fix them?

Older dentures that no longer fit properly are a problem for many denture wearers. As time goes by, you may notice increased irritation, slipping, and shifting, and the feeling that they were made for someone else’s mouth!

It is natural for your older dentures to lose the snug fit they had when they were new. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, your dentures were probably made using the rigid material that was available at the time. Also, your dentures were custom-made to fit the shape of your jaw as it was then. But as we age, our jawline changes and dentures that fit perfectly years ago no longer do.

Modern dentures are made of a softer material that adheres closely to the shape of your jaw, creating a snug, secure fit. This new material also makes dentures much more comfortable, eliminating painful irritation and soreness.

Dr. Levi Hunt has created dentures and partials in Inman, SC for many patients, allowing them to go back to speaking and eating normally and comfortably. Living with ill-fitting dentures can be a real pain, but we can help!

Please contact Meadow Creek Family Dentistry, and we will be glad to arrange a consultation and show you the difference that new dentures can make to your smile and your life

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