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Our Dental Membership Plan

September 27, 2022 3:27 am | Published by

Everyone needs and deserves quality dental care, even if their job doesn’t provide dental insurance. If you’re searching for a way to attain affordable health care outside of insurance, then you may want to consider something called a dental membership plan.

At Meadow Creek Family Dentistry, we offer our own in-house dental membership plan as part of our varied financial options. This plan is an alternative to dental insurance and is designed to help our community access the dental treatments they need without having to empty their pockets every time.

How Our Dental Membership Plan Works

The way our dental membership plan works is that you first sign up for a yearly membership. Your benefits will kick in immediately upon enrollment. These benefits include certain preventive services, such as your biannual cleanings, at no additional cost. It also includes a significant discount on other treatments that you might need.

Aside from all the benefits you get at an affordable rate, one of the best things about our dental membership plan is how much easier it is to use than traditional insurance! You won’t have to even think about navigating complicated things like claim forms, maximums, and deductibles.

How Much Our Dental Membership Plan Costs

The amount you pay for the dental membership plan depends on which plan you’re getting. We offer three different plans:

  • Adult Wellness Plan for patients 13+ without gum disease is $390/year
  • Child Wellness Plan for kids 4-12 years old is $295/year
  • Perio Maintenance Plan for those who require extra treatment for gum disease is $635/year

Join Our Dental Membership Plan Today!

Are you ready to sign up for our dental membership plan? We would be excited to welcome you into our program! Contact Meadow Creek Family Dentistry in Inman or Spartanburg, SC, today and one of our team members can help you enroll.

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