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3 Tips for Handling Your Child’s Dental Anxiety

February 24, 2021 12:34 am | Published by

Getting your child excited to go to the dentist can be a real challenge. Luckily, here at Meadow Creek Family Dentistry, we treat lots of happy kids, so we’ve got some tricks for you! Read on to learn three tips for handling your child’s dental anxiety.

Prepare Your Child

The more your child knows, the less anxious they are likely to be before their visit. Let them know exactly what to expect, whether it’s a cleaning, a filling, or something else. You can even talk to us about arranging a quick visit to our office before the real visit so that your child can see the environment they’ll be visiting. We have a calming, modern office space full of amenities that will be sure to put your child at ease.

Make It Comfy & Fun

Your child is bound to enjoy their visit more if they’re kept comfortable and entertained. With personal televisions, and cozy pillows and blankets, we have you covered there. But feel free to bring your child’s favorite toy or stuffed animal along. Also consider incentivizing them with a small reward, like a trip to the playground, once they’re done.

Consider Dental Sedation

In some cases, the anxiety may just be too much. In those cases, we offer nitrous oxide as a mild form of sedation. Your dentist will be able to advise as to whether or not this is a good fit for your child.

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