Comfortable Tooth Extractions in Inman

At our Inman, SC dental office, it’s always our goal to protect your oral health by preserving your teeth whenever possible. There are times, however, when your tooth is so damaged by decay that it needs to be extracted.

Caring, Compassionate Treatment

We understand that the prospect of having a tooth extracted causes anxiety for most people, and we take every precaution to make sure your procedure is as comfortable as possible. Our doctors are caring, compassionate professionals who have years of experience in performing extractions and putting their patients at ease.

In fact, our entire team works together to support and encourage you during your appointment. We will answer all your questions beforehand and do everything possible to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable during the procedure.

Reasons for Extracting a Tooth

Severe decay or infection are the most common reasons for extractions. But there are other situations where tooth extraction may be necessary:

  • Damage from dental trauma — Extraction may be necessary if your tooth has broken or fractured below the gum line.
  • Alignment issues — If a tooth is not positioned properly, it can affect the alignment of surrounding teeth and may need to be extracted.
  • Orthodontic treatment — Young children may need one or more of their teeth extracted to improve tooth development and alignment in preparation for orthodontics.
  • Preparation for dentures — A patient who is receiving partial or complete dentures may need to have several or all teeth removed.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth — Not all wisdom teeth need to be extracted, but if they're impacted or causing crowding, we recommend removal.

We Provide Comfortable, Stress-Free Treatment

Many of us have been there at one point in our lives, so we know that your concerns are completely natural and nothing to be embarrassed about. Dental technology and procedures have come a long way in recent years, and having a tooth extracted may be a lot easier than you think.

Combining updated technology with old-fashioned gentle care allows us to perform the procedure efficiently and with as little stress and discomfort as possible. We also offer lots of soothing amenities – from music and TVs in the treatment rooms to warm blankets to help you feel calm and comfortable.

Someone is always by your side throughout the procedure, and all members of our team are trained to respect your concerns. Please don’t feel ever feel embarrassed about letting us know if you need a little extra handholding. We’re here to make your treatment as easy as possible!

If you are very apprehensive, we can offer nitrous oxide to help you relax, or one of our doctors can prescribe a calming medication for you to take before the procedure.

Please Call to Arrange a Consultation

If you think you may need to have a tooth extracted and have been putting it off because of anxiety about the procedure, please contact Meadow Creek Family Dentistry at (859) 277-1189. We will be happy to answer your questions or schedule a consultation at your convenience.

If you are in pain, we will do our best to see you right away, usually the same day.